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Will Bush be vindicated?
A case for the Iraq War

by Jeff McIntyre

Whittaker Chambers remembered
Elena Maria Vidal interviews David Chambers

How the ABC maligned former ASIO director-general Sir Charles Spry
(Author's name withheld)

The demise of Australia’s secret ballot
by Amy McGrath OAM, PhD


Christianity In Iraq:
Its Origins and Development to the Present Day
by Suha Rassam

Reviewed by Paul Stenhouse MSC, PhD

Mao’s Great Famine:
The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-62
by Frank Dikötter

Reviewed by Jeffry Babb

On Enlightenment, by David Stove
Edited by Andrew Irvine, With a preface by Roger Kimball

Reviewed by Peter Barclay, PhD

National Observer , Australia, No. 84 (2011)