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Our Mission

National Observer is Australia's leading current affairs quarterly specialising in domestic and international politics, security-related challenges and issues of national cohesion.

One of the functions of National Observer is to provide high-quality commentary which is not affected by contemporary political correctness or prejudices. It, therefore, examines issues from the point of view of the long-term interests of Australians.

Contributors to National Observer have included many eminent commentators from a wide range of fields. Past contributors include:

Emeritus Professor Jerzy Zubrzycki Mr Bob Santamaria
Prof. Philip Ayres Professor David Pennington
Mr John Stone Professor Stephen Holmes
Dr Colin Howard Sir Julius Chan
Professor Neville Norman Professor Desmond Ball
Mr R J Stove Mr Hugh Morgan
Tunku Abdul Aziz Lt General John Coates
Professor Kenneth Minogue Professor Hugh Emy
Dr Hal G P Colebatch Mr Lee Kwan Yew
Professor Daivd Flint Mr Melvin Lasky
Dr Sharif Shuja Sir Robert Menzies
Mr Charles Copeman Mr Tony Abbott
Professor Leslie Marchant Professor Gabriel Moens
Mr Bill Hayden Professor Judith Armstrong
Mr Brian Crozier Professor Geoffrey Partington
Sir Harry Gibbs Dr Ian Spry QC
Professor Geoffrey de Q Walker Senator Nick Minchin