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How the rise of China as a "successful dictatorship" could affect us all

The twenty-first century will witness a titanic struggle between democracy and dictatorship, warns Professor Dong Li.

Islam and the dhimma pact

The story of dhimmi (non-Muslim) communities under Islamic rule is a sad history of dispossession and decline, writes Dr Mark Durie in this extract from his internationally-acclaimed new book, The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom.

The future of Western war

We who created the Western way of war are very reluctant to resort to it due to post-modern cynicism, while those who didnít create it are very eager to apply it due to pre-modern zealotry, writes Victor Davis Hanson.


Shaun A. Casey, The Making of a Catholic President: Kennedy vs. Nixon 1960.

Reviewed by R.J. Stove.

Jamie Glazov, United in Hate: The Leftís Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

Reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg.

Barbara Ehrenreich, Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World.

Reviewed by R.J. Stove.

National Observer , Australia, No. 82 (March - May 2010)