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Strong defence budgets: good for all regional powers

Peter Costello's exit, Turnbull's opportunities

Cultural memory loss

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Defective analysis and the "Never Never Budget"

The recession in which Australia finds itself is the most serious since the 1930s, and in some respects it is unprecedented in the Federation's history, writes former Treasury chief John Stone.

Coral Sea marine protected areas: our gift to Asian fishermen

Australia's small fishing industry is rapidly declining as the burden of regulation drives existing fishermen to quit and deters new ones from entering, writes marine biologist Walter Starck.

Asia's future and Australia's missed opportunities

Despite successive waves of Australians going out and working, living and studying in Asia, plus significant immigration from there as well, this has had only marginal influence on the way Canberra and most of our state capitals think, writes Warren Reed.

"Live free or die!"

In the prosperous West, you can live as free men, but, if you choose not to, your society will die, warns Mark Steyn.

B.A. Santamaria's contribution to Australia's culture wars

Law professor Gabriël Moens pays tribute to B.A. Santamaria's numerous contributions to Australian public life.

The problem of work-related tax deductions

Forty years ago, the majority of Australians completed their tax return forms themselves. But, with the increasing volume of tax legislation, increasing numbers have felt themselves incompetent in the face of this annual task, says Lucy Sullivan.

Turning realities of school assessment to students' advantage

Mark Lopez shows students how they can succeed in their studies, despite any adverse circumstance that they encounter.


Simon Morrison, The People's Artist: Prokofiev's Soviet Years.

Reviewed by R.J. Stove.

The Baader Meinhof Complex (German film).

Reviewed by Bill James.

National Observer No. 80 - Autumn 2009