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The American Primaries: Who's Best for Australia?

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Kyoto the Fraud: How Australians Are Being Conned

Former Treasury Secretary John Stone dissects the greatest fallacies in the current "global warming" claims, and warns that the economic costs for Australia of cutting CO2 emissions would be huge.

The Origins of the Radical Intelligentsia in the ’Sixties

Mervyn Bendle diagnoses the major causes of Western, and particularly Australian, cultural disintegration.

Australia’s Intelligence Future: Finding the Right Recruits to Secure It

How can our intelligence agencies recruit the right calibre of personnel from Australia's increasingly fragmented population, ask Warren Reed and Christopher J. Ward.

America's Confrontation with Iran

The United States should seek to influence Iranian behaviour through the exercise of “soft power” rather than threaten it with the deployment of hard power based on armed force, argues Sharif Shuja.

Does Balkanisation Beckon Anew?

Kosovo's recent declaration of independence risks triggering off "the serial Balkanisation" of an already highly volatile part of Europe, warns Patrick J. Buchanan.

What McCain Means

How conservative is US Republican presidential candidate John McCain, asks Patrick J. Buchanan.


Paul Ham, Vietnam: The Australian War..

Reviewed by Bill James.

National Observer No. 75 - Summer 2008