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If deep in debt, should I spend and borrow more?

The Mumbai attacks and the use of torture

Barack Obama: merited nemesis of the "neocons"


The future of Mr Kevin Rudd

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may not lead Labor to the next election, predicts John Stone.

The rule of lawyers, not law

Australians are likely to get a bill of rights by stealth because the Left is afraid of a referendum or a popular vote, argues Paul Sheehan.

Global jihad and the evolution of terrorist-training doctrines

Western democracies must recognise that global terrorism has evolved into fourth-generation warfare (4GW), writes Mervyn F. Bendle.

The global power shift: defending Australiaís independence

China, with its huge government-controlled sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), may find itself in a position to buy out Australiaís biggest strategic industries, warn Peter Westmore and Patrick J. Byrne.

How the Liberal Party can rebuild itself

The Liberal Party should neither be ideologically driven nor try to copy Labor, writes David Flint.

Scoring high grades by mirroring the teacherís mistakes

Despite what most people would ideally like to be the case, you are likely to be rewarded for reflecting your teacherís mistakes and penalised for correcting them, writes Mark Lopez.


Antony Loewenstein, The Blogging Revolution.

Reviewed by R.J. Stove.

Orlando Figes, The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalinís Russia.

Reviewed by Bill James.

National Observer No. 78 - Spring 2008