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Our culture-killers

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Australia a democracy or just another ballotocracy? (PDF)

Early in Australia's history as a political federation, serious attempts were made to ensure that the country would be a real democracy, with Swiss-style citizens-initiated referenda, the right of recall of elected representatives, and other truly democratic features. Joseph Poprzeczny chronicles this little known chapter of Australian political history.

Dr H.V. Evatt Part II: The question of loyalty (PDF)

Dr Andrew Campbell completes his major pioneering study of the connections between Herbert Vere Evatt (one of the icons of the Labor Left) and Moscow-line communists in Australia and overseas.

"Reshaping Australia": 2020 and All That

Former Treasury Secretary John Stone analyses the Kevin Rudd Labor Government's much-lauded 2020 Summit with great insight and panache.

Suharto's legacy

President Suharto in the 1960s saved Indonesia from the attempted coup led by D.N. Aidit's Communist Party of Indonesia. Patrick Morgan offers a balanced assessment of the admittedly corrupt Suharto's achievements, which were major, and important for the wider region and particularly Australia.

CSIRO's political partisanship

Charles Francis QC demonstrates that a particular view on abortion is considered privileged at CSIRO, and that censorship is exercised there to exclude the counter-view.

National Observer No. 76 - Autumn 2008