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Notes on Contributors


Little Children are Sacred

Kevin Rudd's Touching Ways


Mr Howard's Populism

John Howard is a cultural and values conservative, and hence largely inaccessible to the manufacturers of transitory ideas such as multiculturalism, writes Philip Ayres.

Mr Costello's Repeated Budget Failure

John Stone looks at the budgetary performance of the Federal Government during its 11 years in power, and finds that the Commonwealth's financial accounts have been "deliberately misleading".

Dr H.V. Evatt — Part One: A Question of Sanity

Andrew Campbell assesses whether Dr Evatt's aberrant destructive behaviour was caused by an unstable mental state. Part Two of this article, "A Question of Loyalty" (to appear in the next National Observer) will examine whether there was a more sinister explanation of his motives.

The National Interest: Can We Any Longer Define It?

The Federal Government has devised various means to shield itself from accountability and duty, warns former ASIS officer Warren Reed.

An Unwanted Birthday Party

The socialist mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, has gone too far in appeasing radical Islamicists, and may reap the whirlwind for his stupidity, writes Paul Gottfried.

Europe's Turkish Conundrum

Turkey’s Islamic-led government is suspected by its enemies of wishing slowly to remove the secularist or Kemalist facets that have prevailed in the country over the last 80 years, writes Joseph Poprzeczny.

North Korea's Nuclear Game Under Scrutiny

North Korea sees its nuclear-weapons programme as a crucial lever in bargaining with the world community, writes Sharif Shuja.


The Wrongs of a WA Human Rights Act: A Rights-Based Critique

The introduction of a human rights act in Western Australia might provoke the interference of judges in crucial political issues, argues Augusto Zimmermann.


Bruce Bawer, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within..

Bill Muehlenberg reviews a book warning that Europeans, within a few decades, may find themselves living under Islamic sharia law, and they will have only themselves to blame.


National Observer No. 73 - Winter 2007