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Notes on Contributors


Our New Government

United States Destabilises Pakistan

Farewell, John Howard


Australia's New Government Should Understand the Following (PDF 142 KB)

The new Rudd Labor Government has an unprecedented opportunity to cut taxation and compress our current personal income tax four-rate structure to a two-rate one, writes former Treasury Secretary John Stone.

The Untold Story Behind New Zealand's ANZUS Breakdown

Bernard Moran and Trevor Loudon reveal for the first time the real story of how New Zealand was taken out of the ANZUS alliance. They provide hitherto unpublished testimony of a New Zealand trade unionist who was selected to attend a specialist course in political subversion at the Lenin Institute in Moscow.

Liberating Intelligence from Suffocating Bureaucracy

Australia's current intelligence system needs to be freed from the constraints of bureaucracy, nepotism and cronyism and allowed to operate more professionally, argue Warren Reed and Christopher J. Ward.

The Importance of the "Rule of Law" in the Development of the Australia-China Business Relationship

Gabriël A. Moens explores the ways in which changes within the Chinese system will be required if China's expanding business relationship with Australia is to develop in ways that would be regarded by both sides as successful.

Democracy vs. Security

Valuable though democracy is, it is preferable from a Western viewpoint for states in the Islamic world to be governed by friendly autocrats and monarchs than by anti-Western demagogues brought to power by the ballot-box, argues Patrick J. Buchanan.


Andrew Keen, The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture.
Reviewed by R.J. Stove.

Paul Edward Gottfried, Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right. Reviewed by R.J. Stove.


National Observer No. 74 - Spring 2007