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Notes on Contributors


Australia's Version of "New Labor"

Pakistan: Unstable, Nuclear-Armed


Secret Saudi Funding of Radical Islamic Groups in Australia (PDF)

Australian universities, now driven entirely by financial priorities, have uncritically welcomed Saudi sources of funding, even though this creates a national security problem, writes Mervyn F. Bendle.

"Global Warming" Scare-Mongering Revisited

John Stone dissects the Stern Report and the processes generally of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The High Courtís Workplaces Decision: Implications for our Federal System

Australia's High Court has greatly strengthened Canberra's power at the expense of states' rights, in its recent controversial ruling on the Howard Government's workplace relations laws, argues David Flint.

Australia's Apathy in the Face of Worsening Terrorist Threats

John Miller, a former senior intelligence officer, warns against Australia's dangerously naïve assumptions that no terrorist conspiracy will ever succeed in this country, and that we can comfortably forget about those which didn't quite come off.

Pakistan: Islam, Radicalism and the Army

Sharif Shuja discussed worrying instabilities in Pakistan at the social and institutional levels, and how the current alignment with the United States depends on the Pakistani president.


The Marriage Power: Constitutional Issues.

Augusto Zimmermann argues that the Commonwealth has the constitutional power to overrule state laws which create quasi-marital status for de facto relationships, homosexual or not.


Russell Kirk, The Essential Russell Kirk: Selected Essays..

R.J. Stove reviews a collection of writings by a neglected but distinguished post-war American conservative.


National Observer No. 72 - Autumn 2007