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National Observer No. 67 - Summer 2006National Observer No. 63 - Summer 2005



Notes on Contributors


New editor for National Observer

Philip Ayres, the distinguished biographer of Malcolm Fraser and Owen Dixon, succeeds Ian Spry as editor.


Iran’s Nuclear Deception: Taqiyya and Kitman (Part 1)

Andrew Campbell looks at Tehran’s artful use of taqiyya (religiously-sanctioned deception, or “holy lying”) and kitman (secrecy) in its negotiations with the West over nuclear weaponry.

A View from an ASIO Director-General’s Desk

Intelligence expert John Miller discusses the recently published memoirs of a former Director-General of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Justice Sir Edward Woodward.

Mr Mark Latham and the Labor Party

John Stone analyses the published diaries of the Labor Party’s former federal leader.

The Truth about Mao

Andrew McIntyre describes the impact of last year’s publishing sensation, Jung Chang and Jon Halliday’s exhaustively researched exposé, Mao: the Unknown Story.

China’s Energy Needs and Central Asia

Sharif Shuja looks at contemporary China’s political and diplomatic manoeuvrings and its relationship with energy-rich Central Asian states.



Andrew Wilson’s Virtual Politics: Faking Democracy in the Post-Soviet World

In this review, Max Teichmann describes the emergence in post-Soviet Russia of “designer parties”, manufactured by advertising agencies but with little or no membership base.





National Observer No. 67 - Summer 2006