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National Observer No. 69 -Winter 2006National Observer No. 63 - Summer 2005




Costello’s Latest Bout of Self-Harm

Israel’s Disastrous War in South Lebanon

West Papua

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Industrial Modernity and its Anti-Americanisms

Distinguished academic Professor Claudio Véliz examines the pathology of anti-Americanism and its relationship to industrial modernity.


Mr Peter Costello’s Wasted Opportunities

The federal Treasurer Peter Costello’s 2005-06 Budget has been a huge wasted opportunity in terms of tax reform, says former Treasury Secretary John Stone .


The United States and India

Sharif Shuja examines the new, close relationship between the United States and India, which includes the effective recognition by Washington that India has a sovereign right to its nuclear deterrent.


Exposing Environmental Myths about the Great Barrier Reef

Walter Starck shatters numerous myths and false claims so often made that the Great Barrier Reef is at inordinate risk from over-fishing and other human activities.


The Uneasy Alliance: Liberalism, Conservatism and Religious Belief

Brian J. Coman explores the contested place of religious belief in modern western democratic societies.



Tony Blankley’s The West’s Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?

America is no longer the force in world affairs it was in the 1940s, and today lacks even the will to secure its border with Mexico, writes Philip Ayres in this review. Yet America and the West must somehow resist the growing threat from radical Islam.


National Observer No. 69 - Winter 2006