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The curse of Kosovo

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How to be a useful idiot: Saudi funding in Australia — Part II (PDF)

The war on terror requires careful attention to how financial jihad operates within the realms of culture, ideology and politics within Western societies, writes Mervyn F. Bendle.

Lights out on liberty

After the London Tube bombings and the French riots a few years back, commentators lined up behind the idea that Western Muslims are insufficiently assimilated. But in their mastery of legalisms and the language of victimology, they’re superbly assimilated, writes Mark Steyn.

Australian intelligence: confronting the past for a safer future

With the benefit of defector information during and since the Cold War, it is known that ASIO was indeed penetrated by the Soviet KGB, virtually from its inception, write Warren Reed and Christopher J. Ward.

Global warming — myth, threat or opportunity?

Synfuel from coal and gas could supply all of Australia’s needs at less than half the current price of oil, writes Walter Starck.

Sinful WASPs

The politics of guilt seems to flourish best, although not exclusively, in secularising Protestant societies, writes Paul Gottfried.

Margaret Thatcher: a legacy of freedom

Once the command economies of the Soviet Bloc collapsed in 1989, revealing the extraordinary bankruptcy of state planning, it was the Thatcher model that the new democracies mainly sought to emulate, writes John O'Sullivan.


Days in the life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In 1989 Communism and the Soviet Union simultaneously collapsed, and in the long-run no one individual was more responsible for this than Solzhenitsyn, writes Patrick Morgan.


M.T. Davis and B. Bowden (eds), Terror: From Tyrannicide to Terrorism.

Reviewed by Mervyn F. Bendle.

National Observer No. 77 - Winter 2008